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Zip Dee RV Awnings, Parts, and Chairs

Add both comfort and style to your RV camping.

Zip Dee can help you get the most enjoyment from your RV, as well as your journeys. Since 1967, they have relentlessly pursued but one goal to make the best exceptional RV awnings. Every Zip Dee awning and every screen enclosure that has the Zip Dee name is the result of one simple philosophy – they take the we take the road less traveled – the road to superior quality.

RV Awnings - Zip Dee Awnings

Zip Dee is not a follower in the awning industry. They lead it. No one else takes the time to make each awning to order. Or uses as much stainless steel or hand finishing as they do. And no one comes remotely close to offering you as many options and customized extras.

Whatever the style of your coach, Zip Dee can give you an awning that matches it. In both size and color. Zip Dee awnings are woven of tough, American-made acrylic fabric, a Zip Dee exclusive. Unlike vinyl, their special acrylic material breathes, dries quickly and resists rotting, cracking, peeling and mildew.

But some of the real nuts and bolts of our advantages are just that – nuts and bolts. Zip Dee uses stainless steel nuts, washers, screws and other hardware for a longer, rust-free life. Our awning spring has four times the strength of anyone else’s, to fit your awning smoothly and keep it snug against the vehicle.

Zip Dee Awning Parts

Zip Dee Awning Parts

A Zip Dee awning and Airstreams RVs go together perfectly. Adding a nice shady spot outside your Airstream on a summer day is a priceless part of your vacation. Shop all Zip Dee Awning parts online to make sure your awning looks great and functions properly.

RV Awning Roller Tube Assembly

Zip Dee Awning Roller

Zip Dee Awning Roller Tube Assembly with Canvas and Aluminum Casing for Airstream main patio awning entry door side.

Zip Dee Contour Hardware

Awning Contour Parts

Adjust the pitch for more or less shade. You can also set the side the water runs off.

Contour Hardware Prior to 1989

Awning Hardware Prior to 1989

This Zip Dee Contour Hardware was installed on all Airstreams starting from 1958 and up to 1989.

The bright aluminum surface finish makes the parts slide easily so that the awning require less effort to operate.

Airstream Window Awnings

Airstream Window Awning

Window Awnings are great for your camper or RV because they will provide the perfect window shade for you and also come in a variety of awning colors so that you are able to pick out the best match to suit your camper or motorhome. 

Zip Dee

Zip Dee Chairs

A Zip Dee chairs is a must have. Super light, sturdy contraction, matching your Airstream finish and Airstream Zip Dee awning, these chairs will make your camping experience more fun and convenient. Zip Dee chairs are foldable and can be easily stored inside your coach. 

Why Zip Dee

Zip Dee awnings are designed to fit…Really fit, with a custom look that fits all vehicle shapes and sizes. Patio, window, door, or slideout – our awnings are made to fit your needs.

Bright aluminum that looks better with a smooth finish that is easy to clean. Parts slide easily so our awnings require less effort to operate.

Zip Dee uses U.S. made low maintenance acrylic fabrics that need no annual re-treatment or maintenance other than washing. That means the awnings stay looking better, longer.

The Zip Dee arms are trim and sturdy. The awning arms are made of stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminum. They look nicer on your coach than bulky, open aluminum channels and they stay cleaner & operate easier.

The awning cover is leak resistant. The awning is attached to the vehicle with Zip Dee’s patented flex key® that cuts leakage problems dramatically and makes installation easier.

Zip dee only sews with vertical seam construction methods that meet commercial standards. Vertical seams result in more stability and less sag.

Zip Dee offers an excellent selection of over 150 patterns and colors to choose from. Each awning is individually crafted for your vehicle. Mix and match patterns or add a silkscreen graphic to produce an awning canopy that is one of a kind.

A choice in window awning canopy coverage. R.V. windows come in different heights so we let you choose different heights (“Drops” in industry speak). We even have 6 different designs of support arms to better fit the coach shape, including a special design for exit windows.

Zip Dee is a company that cares. Sure, everyone says something like that, but at Zip Dee it’s true, because they work hard to make it true. They are a small, caring company. No automated voicemail here… Just an 800 number direct to the factory.

Zip Dee has over 90 combined years of awning design experience, they are able to respond to your needs quickly and they do it right.

Zip Dee Awning Operating Instructions

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